This is JohnA proud workaholic, John Philbin has always known how important it is to love what you do, to wake up every morning and find joy, challenge and passion in the work you do for the world. As the founder of Happy Spectacular, he wants to bring that enthusiasm for work to other people and stop talking about our work and our life like they are two separate things. When his ADD lands on work, he can be found coaching, writing and spreading the word about Happy Spectacular. Perhaps what is more relevant is that John has his Ph.D. in psychology from Loyola University, Chicago and has been working in management consulting and executive coaching at the last company he founded with some of the world’s most respected companies. If you want some more credentials, check out his LinkedIn here.



This is JodiAs a certified coach, Jodi Wellman is probably the most qualified member of the Happy Spectacular core, but we don’t hold that against her. If she’s not answering your emails she’s probably baking, crafting or buying books off Amazon. Jodi is our grounding force, but even she can get off track for a good cat video. When she isn’t captaining our ship toward world domination, she’s coaching, writing and developing Happy Spectacular experiences to rock your socks. Jodi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI and a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, and previous to coaching, she was the Senior VP of Operations for a leading health and lifestyle organization and has over 17 years of corporate leadership experience. She’s happy if and when others are happy in life– especially through work that has the power to take one’s breath away (in a good way). Take a look at her LinkedIn if you want more.



This is NoraWhat Nora Philbin lacks in experience, she makes up in commitment, enthusiasm and jokes. Nora, for most of her life, has followed the trial and error method to find out what makes her happy at work (and life), and landing on Happy Spectacular has been the best yet. She spends her days writing, brainstorming and getting distracted by funny articles on the internet (70:20:10). (Nora, who wrote what you just read about her, is too humble to admit that she does almost everything at Happy Spectacular and is rewriting the code on what it means to be a millennial in the workplace. She has been the employee of the month since she started in July, 2016.) Take a look at her past experience here.



With an affinity for new adventures and status as a life-long learner, Meghan jumped at the chance to work with the Happy Spectacular team. A graduate student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, she brings the statistical analyses that ensures the Happy Spectacular pseudoscience flies in the right direction – those stats lead to pretty graphs though, so it’s worth it! An avid traveler, Meghan spends her free time either wandering new parts of the world or scouting out future trips. When she isn’t finding excuses to hop a flight, she is working on research on work-family conflict, leadership, and occupational health. You can read more about her experiences here.



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Motley Crew
You can’t really tell in this photo but John is wearing socks that have paper airplanes on them. That’s not why Nora is laughing though.

All photos by Julia Lowe.