Graduating from college is the transition that so many of us work toward, but all of that excitement and achievement gets tempered by the anxiety that comes from diving headfirst into the job market. COVID-19 has complicated that transition in a really big way. When the pandemic exploded in the US in early spring, more than one in five employers rescinded summer internship offers, and the number of job positions posted on sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed decreased significantly.
As college seniors attempt to plan for their career in what feels like a completely unpredictable time, the situation is ripe for some additional support. In our experience, parents are often itching to get involved to make sure their recent or soon-to-be grads are getting off on the right foot. At the same time, most recent or soon-to-be grads take the advice of their parents the least seriously.
To help parents navigate career conversations this year, especially as the holidays are approaching, our coaches have put together a webinar to provide info and resources on jump-starting your kids’ careers.

  • Are your kids looking for the right job? Do they even know what right means?
  • What if your kids realized they picked the wrong major or they don’t know how to decide what career will make them happy?
  • What does the job market look like today?
  • How has COVID changed the way soon-to-be and recent graduates should approach looking for a job?
  • What can job searchers expect?

We’ll answer these questions as well as your own,  give you the four things you need to know to help navigate the process as a partner with your kids—not as the nagging angel on their shoulder—and outline what a fast and successful start to their career looks like.
Join us on November 12 at 4:00 p.m. CT for an hour to learn how you can be a valuable asset for your kids as they find their footing in the world of work. Register here!

Nora Philbin

Nora is a co-founder of Happy Spectacular, which she still can't really believe, and she's on a lifelong quest for the world's best cheeseburger (applicants accepted).