This is about getting the best out of your work, whatever that means to you.

We don’t know what your Happy Spectacular is (yet), but we do know how to get you there in a really practical way. Based on years of experience and research, we have a tried and true program to help you figure out exactly what you want, why you want it and how to go and get it. To start, we work feverishly to get to know you: questions, quizzes, hopes, dreams, nightmares, pet peeves and flavor preferences. (This process also helps you get to know yourself in ways you might not have expected. We both need to get to know you to help design the best plan possible for your career and life.) From there you’ll be immersed in one-on-one meetings with your coach and educational (and fun) experiences on your own time. It’s a customized and transformational program, this Happy Spectacular way we’ve created.

We have coaching for:

Career Advancers

Your work and career are important to you, and you want to take something that right now is good or fine and turn it into something spectacular.

Our career advancers are doing well, but they know they have more to give and use our coaches to help make sure they can. These clients are looking to level-up and optimize their careers and they know they can do that better and faster with the help and support of an expert.

  • Feel like you’re not living up to your potential?

  • You want to do more but aren’t sure what “more” is?

  • Recently been promoted or hired somewhere new and want to knock it out of the park?

  • Want to make sure you are on track for those big, long-term goals?

  • Want to make sure you have enough runway to keep growing?

Career Changers

It’s right there in the name; you are ready to make a career change. A professional change can feel necessary for a lot of different reasons, but the point is that you know what you’re doing right now isn’t it.

Our career changers know that a better version of their career is out there for them, but often, they’re not quite sure what that is. Other times, our clients may have a vision, but it’s just a little fuzzy and they need help clarifying it. These clients are ready for some exploration and discovery to find a new professional path.

  • Do you feel stuck in your current job?

  • Are you looking for a big change, not just the same role at a different company?

  • Sick of the work you’re doing now, but don’t know what you do want to do?

  • Looking for a job and career that is more in-line with your interests, values, and talents?

Career Seekers

You are in the market for a new job. The process can be daunting, and you know that some extra support, expertise, and accountability can help you get there faster.

Our career seekers are motivated to land in their new role, whether it’s similar to work they have already done or are executing on a career change. They know that job searching has a lot of moving pieces, and working with a coach can help demystify the process so they can stay focused, motivated and organized.

  • Struggling to stay focused and motivated with your job search?

  • Want to be more successful in interviews?

  • Looking for a more compelling way to tell your story?

  • Need support and structure to expand your professional network?

Career Beginners

You are just at the beginning of your career, and you’re motivated to put your best foot forward.

Our career beginners know that going from college to career, and the first few years of working, is a big transition. They want to launch a successful career and define what a successful career means to them. They are looking to build the foundation of a career they’ve been working toward the last four years.

  • Worried that you studied the wrong major and want a different kind fo job?

  • Not sure how to know what opportunity is right for you?

  • Need help outlining the first steps of your long-term career goals?

  • Looking for help to understand the context of the work world to get ahead?

Want some more information on coaching?

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I would absolutely recommend Happy Spectacular to anyone who is feeling stuck in their career, as I was.

I was first interested in Happy Spectacular because of the content on their website (especially the profiles of typical customers). This was echoed through my consultation phone call with Nora, who recommended my coach, Winn. A one-hour “chemistry call” with Winn sealed the deal — we immediately connected and she had such relevant experience, I knew we were a good fit. Over our three-month coaching experience, I looked forward to connecting with Winn to discuss anything and everything, from a reading she had assigned to an insecurity I was feeling, to the business plan I was writing.

Now that my coaching is over, I’ve had friends ask me if the experience was worth it. My answer is always yes. Before working with Winn and Happy Spectacular I was feeling deflated, defeated and cynical. With Winn’s help, I narrowed down my ideas into something I felt optimistic about, was guided through a test project to see if I liked my new direction, and easily decided my new career path was the right choice for me. There is a chance that I could have come to all of those conclusions on my own, sure, but I’m certain I wouldn’t have come to that realization as quickly or feel as confident about it had I ventured on this journey solo. This investment in building a career I love was absolutely worth the time and money spent, and I’m glad I put my faith in Happy Spectacular to help me get there.

Taylor F.