Not only did Happy Spectacular help me with narrowing my focus and understanding what type of role would be best for me, but they gave me a really solid experience that I could discuss in job interviews which I think inspired confidence in me as a candidate. For example, when discussing why I wanted to move into this type of role, I was able to discuss the discovery bundle and associated assessments, as well as my meetings, which helped me better understand what I was looking for. I am really thrilled to be starting this job in a couple weeks and just wanted you all to know the incredible impact you made in my life in a couple short meetings.” — Mike P.

“I sought a coach to help me develop a career plan, but what I experienced was a radical transformation. Happy Spectacular served as my guide, supporter, and champion as I uncovered my greatest gifts, motivators, and career must-haves. They provided the accountability I needed to not be lured back into the comfort of a known but highly toxic work environment. While I did create that career plan, I also built the confidence to work into my own greatness and go after that career that will make my life “stunningly spectacular because of work.” — Allison L.

“At first, I wasn’t sure what I thought of the idea of executive coaching or if I could let my guard down enough to be open, honest, and embrace constructive feedback. The Happy Spectacular experience has been a tremendous help to me in my professional career and personal life. The coaching has provided me with a skill set I didn’t know I was missing prior to the experience!” — Doug


“Winn is an incredible career coach! I’m so grateful I was able to work with her. For years I have struggled to figure out which direction I should take my career. Winn helped me identify what I love and want out of a career. She is a wealth of knowledge and introduced me to career paths I didn’t know were out there. The process Winn used was structured, yet extremely tailored to my needs. She went above and beyond to make sure I was absorbing key takeaways from our sessions. Her positive attitude, confidence, and passion is inspiring and rubbed off on me! Working with Winn was an investment that positively changed the trajectory o f my career… and ultimately my life. I would recommend Winn to absolutely anyone looking to advance their career!” — Ericka


“There is zero question in my mind that I would have been able to follow my instincts on this without the incredible work we accomplished together. THANK YOU for helping me to know and trust myself enough to realize what a perfect fit this job was as soon as I saw it. It’s not anything that I ever would have mapped for myself quite this clearly – but when I saw it, I knew it. And, I’m thrilled to be able to see how this will be an excellent step to inform my ultimate goal of being a philanthropic advisor.” — Lea

“When I started my Happy Spectacular coaching, I was in a bit of a panicked spot in my young career. By the end of my first call with Nora to discuss coaching, I felt like I would be making a positive and purposeful step in my life if I were to pursue coaching. From my first session with Becky, I felt more confident as an employee and, more importantly, as a person. I have learned to pause and celebrate my victories, and have the tools I need to continue to make great career (and life!) decisions. Huge thanks to Becky and the Happy Spectacular team.” — Emily M.

“Finding a job in the 21st century is hard. Finding a job in the 21st century that you actually like is a monumental task. Happy Spectacular helped keep me motivated and on-task through all the frustrating moments. My sessions really helped keep me going!” — Kevin D

“I was at a place in my career where I felt stagnant. I was doing quite well but I no longer felt challenged. The thought of doing the same work for the next 30 years terrified me. I knew there was a lot more within me that needed to be expressed but was unsure of the details. I sought out Happy Spectacular with the hope of finding clarity around what those next steps might look like. I am elated that I found exactly what I was looking for. I already had my business started with paying clients after just a month of coaching.” — Matt G.

“I know I would have made a career transition without coaching help. I was ready for a change, and I knew it. The biggest benefit I got was that coaching made the process much more efficient, and made me much more confident about stepping forward toward an entirely new career. My work with Jodi helped me feel enthusiastic about this change, confident about my capabilities, and supported with tools and resources to make this change. Thank you!” — Miriam K.

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