The Official Happy Spectacular Coach Role Outline

Now that you know everything there is to know about us, we should tell you a little bit about who we hope you are:

Who you are:

  • You have a deep-rooted, burning desire to help transform people’s lives into the spectacular ones they’ve dreamed about… centered on the belief that work can positively contribute to one’s life (i.e.: it’s not something one has to dread every Monday morning… or worse, every Sunday evening).
  • Work is a very important part of your life and you’ve made the connection that you can be fulfilled to a greater extent as a human when your work is in line with what makes you tick (and specifically with what doesn’t tick you off.) You want to share this way of living with others by coaching them to articulate what matters to them, creating an action plan with them, and helping them actually live it. You support clients through the stuff that works and help them redesign the stuff that doesn’t.

In terms of your coaching style…

  • You fundamentally believe that your clients are capable and amazing and have many of the answers as to what’s best for them, yet you respect that if and when your client actually doesn’t know– because they have the will but simply just don’t know how to have a killer interview, for example, or improve their executive presence, or polish off their resume- you can help them as a trusted resource. You’re okay to work anywhere along that continuum between coaching and consulting.
  • You take a holistic approach by brewing career coaching with life coaching with executive coaching as needed. You believe that every aspect of our complicated and delightful lives are interwoven with one another, so working with a client on a topic outside of work relates to and helps the person they are at work.
  • You are creative and flexible. You use tools to help clients (like interesting exercises and cool roadmaps and checklists, etc.), but you don’t feel bound by them. We do have a Happy Spectacular WAY, and you’re willing to work within the framework without having to follow a script.
  • You are independent and autonomous (you’re quite comfy working with clients remotely, and you don’t need to work out of an office to fuel your social fires). On the other end of that spectrum, though, you’re open to the whole team thing and like learning new things on a really regular basis.
  • You’re a professional coach (you’re organized and on time and polite and other things your parents might have taught you to be), although not at the expense of being yourself. (This means that you’d never put on the ‘professional coach’ mask, or start using a weird ‘coaching’ voice.) You can work shoulder-to-shoulder with college students and/or corporate titans without having to pretend to be either one. You’re you, and that’s precisely what makes you so effective.

You’re attracted to the happy spectacular brand per se- who we are (we think we’re fair and fun and a lot of other neat things), what we do (is there a better job out there than coaching people to help their work become an amazing part of life?), how we present ourselves, and why we’re doing what we’re doing. You want to be a part of a revolution that helps people do happy work, and therefore… lead spectacular lives.

What you’ll do:

  • Coach clients in areas of your expertise… You consider yourself a pretty great coach in at least one of the following areas:
    • Career determination & development
      • Career aptitude
      • Resume building
      • Interviewing skills
      • Job search skills
      • Offer evaluation
      • Salary negotiation
      • Networking best practices
    • Leadership
      • Executives
      • Supervisors/ managers
      • High potential candidates
      • Core assessment tools
      • Diversity in the workplace
    • Retirement transition
    • Life coaching
  • Meet prospective, pre-screened clients virtually to determine mutual fit (usually for a 15-minute preliminary conversation)
  • Contribute to our magazine (even if it’s just in spirit)
  • Attend virtual or in-person meetings with our Happy Spectacular team of coaches, interns & leaders for the sake of brainstorming, learning, providing feedback, making Happy Spectacular better, making you better, and having fun

What you’ll need:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Graduate degree including MA, MBA and/or PhDis compelling but not necessary)
  • Completion of an ICF-accredited formal coaching training program &/or extensive executive-level leadership experience
  • Minimum 5 years of business experience, preferably in an executive/leadership role
  • Minimum 350 hours of internal or external coaching experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Available a minimum of 5 hours/week
  • Great people skills – this is a people-person job, so not only should you be engaging and skilled at working with people, you should like it too

What you’ll get:

  • Working with us is really rewarding, on a personal and professional level
  • Working with us is really fun
  • Unlimited use of the office Keurig (if you can make it to the office for our meetings)
  • Team Dinners where we brainstorm, talk about the news, pop culture, give + get advice about work and life, learn from one another, and share our Happy Spectacular because a company that’s going to help people be happy at work should have happy employees
  • A flexible work schedule
  • If selected as a Happy Spectacular coach, you will participate in paid online training, for which you will be compensated on an hourly basis. You will officially join Happy Spectacular on a contract basis and be eligible to take on outplacement projects for our clients once you have successfully completed the training.

Let’s have a conversation about you + us. We’d sincerely love to get to know you to see if we make a good mutual fit.

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