We have a Happy Spectacular “way” that we’ve created with blood, sweat and tears*.

  1. We wholeheartedly believe in a totally customized journey. The ‘way’ we’ve built is all ours, and there are zero cookie cutters in the Happy Spectacular kitchen. No two people are the same, so the definition of what Happy Spectacular means for you is wondrously different from the person in the cubicle/ office/ hammock next to yours. Your coach, deliberately selected for you, will guide you through your own unique journey.
  2. We’re uncommonly human in our approach. We’ve been through career highs and lows with hundreds of folks plus our own ups and downs. In short, we get where you are. All we want to do is help make a work a happy part of your spectacular life. We want to make it simple and enjoyable for you to get what you want while being really real along the way about what works and what doesn’t. And we know what you want today will be different than what you want in a few years, give or take. That’s okay, because we help you build a plan for now and equip you with the skills to make future changes as you evolve and grow.
  3. We are a lot of fun to work with (we weren’t afraid to go with an unabashedly ridiculous name, were we?). You want to have a good time when you’re doing important work like soul searching/ finding a new career/ redesigning your life/ polishing up your resume/ making a mixtape[1]/ (insert whatever it is you need here). It’s big and important — your life — we try to make sure you don’t overthink it and have some fun along the way.
  4. We are all about the results (yours, not ours). It’s not about us throwing information at you, because that’s what Google and bossy bosses are for. We’re about helping you learn what you need and want (and don’t want) and then teaching you how to take action. We work with you to create new habits that get you what you love and eliminate the things you don’t love.
  5. Like any service, it’s all about the people, right? We’re part of a mutual adoration society here at the Global Happy Spectacular Headquarters. We’re all big fans of one another[2] and we’re proud to have created this special thing together. Get to know us here. And get to know the kind of coach you can expect to work with here.


Truth time:

We’ve created something that we (and the gaggle of people we’ve assembled) think is special, but we might not be for you, and that’s okay[3]. You can still be a part of our community if you believe what we believe but have gone about it a different way.


*The blood part is not really accurate. No one was injured in the creation of the Happy Spectacular “way.” Feelings might have been hurt, though.

[1] You might think we’re joking but your Happy Spectacular way might include making your own mixtape. Probably not though.

[2] John is obviously a big fan of Nora’s because of the whole father-daughter thing. (Nora is a fan of John’s too but you know how it is with dads and daughters.)

[3] Mostly.

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