How We Do What We Do

Step 1: Discover

Getting to know yourself in a new way: figuring out what you really want and why.

Our tested, in-depth discovery process provides you with a better understanding of your motivations, strengths, personal mission and personal brand– just to name a few of the areas we’ll delve into together. Examples of what we might cover together:

  • Rate the various areas of your life today on the Wheel of Life, with 1 being absolutely awful and 10 being unbelievable incredible.
  • If every job paid the same, what would you do? (And why is that what you would choose?)
  • What activities light you up when you talk about them later?
  • What are you tolerating in life right now?
  • What do you want to be proud of when you’re 99 and looking back on your life?

We get into it all: activities, foods, companies, jobs, work, values, locations, areas of development, and so much more.

Step 2: Design

You’ve identified what matters, now you get to build a life around it. (No coach or website or snake charmer can assign you a good life– it’s gotta be your plan.)

Building the schedule and plan that incorporates all of the elements you’ve identified are essential to your fulfillment right down to how much you want to read and sleep and be alone and eat kale and ask for feedback at work and…How will you know when you’re happy at work?  How will you know when your life feels spectacular? We get specific.

Step 3: Do

You take the first step. And the second step, and keep on going. Our Happy Spectacular Way makes it possible to do more than just dream about what you want.

Execute the plan. Live the life you’ve planned. (Take that personality assessment, go to yoga every Thursday, have that difficult conversation, write what you’re thankful for each night, go to that networking event and…)

Complete homework (that you’ve opted in for, not been burdened with), like connecting with 25 new people on LinkedIn, getting feedback from a trusted co-worker, writing thank you notes to someone who inspired or supported you, doing something that scares you, going on vacation alone, registering for that coding class, etc.

Step 4: Insight

Live and learn – We help you figure out your next steps based on your real life results.

What parts of your plan felt amazing to execute and really worked, and why? What parts of your plan crashed and burned? Why?

Track your goals digitally or visually to identify successes, opportunities, patterns.

How are you going to build on and celebrate what you’ve achieved? How do others in your situation feel at this point in their journey?

Step 5: Redesign

Course corrections based on what you’ve learned from working the first version of your plan.

(Airplanes are off course 99% of the time; it’s all about continuously getting back on course.) (Generally, paper airplanes are off course 100% of the time and rarely get where you want them to.)

What’s going to be different about this plan compared to the last version? Identify new exercises and experiences that will challenge and grow you, like meeting with a colleague to talk about an issue, updating your work wardrobe, being more assertive in meetings, trying to learn a new instrument, etc.

Design the Happy Spectacular Work + Life Plan that you’re proud to take with you through every glorious change in the road ahead.

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