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This is painful to admit, but we don’t have the answer to every question. (Please, don’t tell anyone.) Because we want to be your one-stop-shop, we’ve compiled our resources here for your perusing pleasure. There are things that we think are funny, and helpful. Most of it is smart with useful advice (and mostly, they’re things we wish we had thought of first). We’ll continue adding things to the list as we find more, so keep checking back!

The Dream Job


  • The Confidence GapThe Atlantic “What doomed the women in Estes’s lab was not their actual ability to do well on the tests. They were as able as the men were. What held them back was the choice they made not to try.”…“If we keep at it, if we channel our talent for hard work, we can make our brains more confidence-prone. What the neuroscientists call plasticity, we call hope.”
  • Women, Stop Volunteering for Office Housework!The New York Times

The Funnies



Changing Direction



College Stuff


  • More Money, More Success, More Stuff? Don’t Count on More HappinessThe New York Times “We pass up life-changing experiences because we’re on track to become partner. We skip meaningful time with our families so we can respond to one more email. I assume this is all in pursuit of something out there that we think will make us happier.”
  • Are you Happy?Man Repeller
  • A Better Kind of HappinessThe New Yorker “Indeed, this malleability is perhaps the most encouraging quality of both Little’s core project and Aristotle’s eudaemonia, because it makes finding happiness a real possibility. Even the most temperamentally introverted or miserable among us has the capacity to find a meaningful project that suits who we are. Locating it won’t just bring pleasure; it might also bring a few more years of life in which to get the project done.”
  • The Glossary of HappinessThe New Yorker
  • The Differences Between Happiness and Meaning in LifeScientific American

Burnout + Unhappiness

Generational Stuff

Intentionality + Introspection


Work/Life Balance

Relationships at Work

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