We created the place for people who want to make work work for them.

We’ve come to realize you don’t need work/life balance, just a balanced life, and that doesn’t always mean diminishing the work part of the seesaw. It’s impossible to have a great life when you have a crappy job, because hating your job is hard. You have to find the work that helps you have a spectacular life.

So, Happy Spectacular has a very simple dream. We want work to make people happy so they can build really great lives. From there, we are hell-bent on a mission to change the way we work because right now, it’s not working.

We are leaders in the movement for those who expect more from their work and are willing to work for it (see what we did there?). We help people figure out what’s right for them in their lives and careers; we focus on skill building, planning and forming the right habits that help you identify and then go get exactly what it is that will create your happy work and spectacular life. We want you to live your best, happiest life and at the same time help us to create a powerful and positive change in the world through work.

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