Happy Spectacular is changing the way people think about work.

We see the world a little differently, because we know it’s just not OK to have a bad job. We believe that what you do should reflect what is best in you. We’ve seen that settling at work signals the beginning of the end of the pursuit of happiness. Our vision is to help people create lives that are stunningly spectacular because of work, not in spite of it.
To achieve this, we’ve set some extraordinary goals for ourselves, and we ask you to do the same. We want to be sure that everyone knows that there is a trusted place where they can turn to find clarity + direction + new ideas or a little bit of inspiration for their work and life.

To get this world-changing goal done we know that we have to support each other fiercely and care about one another deeply, and that includes you too. We are creating a place to belong and to participate: a community of passionate + compassionate workers + friends who make this way of working a priority. We laugh constantly and practice generosity with abandon. We stay curious and continue learning — about you, ourselves and the way we all work — to work better. We fall and falter and get up and try again, and we work hard to get better all the time. We practice gratitude until it becomes a habit. Most importantly, we promise to be entirely human.

This is our thesis statement and our belief system, make great careers helping others to make their great careers. This is what we will come back to time and time again to do our part to change the world into a happier and more spectacular place.

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