To get the most out of Happy Spectacular, take a look at the characteristics of our most successful clients. 

Best Client Award
When we say successful, we don’t mean by the title on your business card (if you even have a business card) or by the number of digits (before the decimal place) in your bank account or by the number of star-shaped acrylic awards on your bookshelf (although if these things matter to you, we help with that too). When we say successful, we mean according to what you’ve determined matters.

Here’s what we’ve noticed about the most successful clients we’ve worked with:

  • Successful people are willing to do the work. We help open your eyes and create a path for you to get where you want to go, as a part of a collaborative relationship. You’ll get there way faster and with way more fun if you spend the time on yourself. (Yes, it is sort of like losing weight – you have to move around and eat less Oreos in order to see the best possible results.)
  • Successful people are willing to get uncomfortable at times to see where it leads, with the understanding that getting out of your comfort zone is what makes you grow.
  • Successful people have an insatiable desire to grow. Personal insight is a continual process for lifelong learners with a hunger for more.
  • Successful people are ready to celebrate their wins. Designing and living the life you love is not supposed to be frustratingly just out of reach and oh-so-elusive. We help you get clear on what you want and celebrate the crap out of it when we get there. We can always set new goals along the way, but we stop and smell the success along the way.
  • Successful people come to coaching with an ability to trust and rely on an advisor, understanding that while the process may not always be easy, they know they’re in good hands.

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