Here’s the answer to the real question: What do you get out of all this?

Some people want to figure out how to work with a friend who just became a boss, some want to figure out if they can make money pursuing their passion, some want to identify what retirement might look like and how to transition into that (likely) bifocal vision, some want to enjoy work as a feature and benefit of life, not just as a means to an end. And there’s so much more.

  • Self awareness and discovery of what matters to you and why it matters, what you should do, what you probably shouldn’t, what takes your breath away, what you value, what you absolutely can’t compromise on, what you really want and need to do. And more. This process helps you figure out what to do with your education and/or experience (not to mention everything you’ve learned about yourself).
  • Creating a plan for your work and life: a plan that’s suited to you now and for when you feel the need to edit in the future.
  • Finding balance: creating a life with the right amount of work in it to flourish, not fester.
  • Getting the best work you can or getting the best out of the work you already have.
  • Developing a resume that tells the “story of you” in a perfectly personalized yet professional way (with just the right amount of grandstanding).
  • Figuring our how to negotiate a raise that you know you’re worth.
  • Learning how to network so it feels less like a root canal and more like something natural and helpful.

Like anything in life, the more effort you put towards this self-development project we embark on together, the more you get out of it. (Read more about the characteristics of our most successful clients here.)

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