A la carte

“Quick-fix” help is available by the hour and typically takes one to three hours of time. These are most popular with people who have already completed a Happy Spectacular program and need a booster or more specified assistance. They can also be helpful for someone who already knows what direction they want to go in, but might need the expertise to figure out exactly how to pave their path.  Common reasons for a la carte packages include:

  • How to have a fantastic interview
  • How to have a fruitful compensation and negotiation conversation
  • Refreshing an existing Happy Spectacular Work + Life Plan
  • Revisiting a previous goal for clarity on direction
  • Completing an assessment for additional personal insight
  • Motivational boosts while undertaking a new endeavor
  • How to bake the perfect batch of brownies
  • Etc.

If this sounds right for you, drop us a line and we’ll talk about what coaching will look like for you. 

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