After months of behind the scenes work, Happy Spectacular is here. We’re a small but mighty team dedicated to making sure that your work makes your life better, not worse.

There is a lot of noise online, and our intention is not to just add to it. We’re not throwing our hat in just for the sake of being in the ring. We started this magazine because we have a perspective and experiences to share, and we hope that you’ll see some of your self here.

Happy Spectacular is designed as a place to bring people together to fight the scourge of the bad job and dead end career with a bit of education, humor and compassion. Because work is at our core, that’s where we start. From there, we’ll dive into aspects of life, culture, and connection, because you can’t talk about your work without talking about everything else too.
We want to build a community hell-bent on exploration to find the things that really make a difference in our own lives, so together we can make the world happier and more spectacular. That’s where you come in. This is a place to participate, be yourself, have fun, learn, and share.
We challenge the idea that work is what it is, and that we must mold to it at a great cost to ourselves. We hope that you will too.

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The Happy Spectacular Team