Work can be hard; everyone knows it, and almost everyone complains about it at some point. We want to be the people who help you find value in your work so it can actually make your life better. Whether you’ve just gotten your first promotion, switched companies, became the boss, got fired, want to learn a new skill or whether you just don’t know anymore, personalized coaching experiences through Happy Spectacular can help you cover what you need. If you need a new direction or need help making a plan for your new direction, you’re not alone.

What to Expect

  • An in-depth Discovery process (figure out what you want in your work and life and why it matters)
  • Assessments (what are your strengths? Interests? Personality type? Aptitudes?  Saboteurs?  Your coach will determine the best assessments for you.)
  • Personalized coaching sessions (usually an hour in length every other week, from the comfort of wherever you can get a wifi connection or speak on a phone, so yes, you can be at Starbucks or in your pajamas)
  • Customized independent experiences (yes, that’s a way better way of calling it homework.  Your coach has hundreds of tools, experiences and exercises to draw from and assign to you at the just-right moment.  Like the rest of your life, expect to get out of these experiences and assignments what you put into them.  Trust us that the work you’ll do in-between your 1:1 sessions with your coach will be helpful and enriching and fun (and sometimes ridiculous, if that’s what you need more of in your life).
  • A Happy Spectacular Work + Life Plan that’s customized for your current and future goals and needs
  • Access to invitation-only Happy Hours in select cities (like Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Duluth, etc.)
  • Optional enrichment tools

If this sounds right for you, drop us a line and we’ll talk about what coaching will look like for you. 

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Need More?

A la carte

“Quick-fix” help is available by the hour and typically takes one to three hours of time. These are most popular with people who have already completed a Happy Spectacular program and need a booster or more specified assistance. They can also be helpful for someone who already knows what direction they want to go in, but might need the expertise to figure out exactly how to pave their path.